Morning Audibles 4.26.10 - Are We There Yet?

Continuing with the tradition here to let Andy T's Sunday Evening Post (Hey, have we found a new name there?), ride into the new week. I'm going to add little here except to ask:

A few things caught my eye this weekend (which we'll get to in the comments), but this was one of my favorites:

Greece Nears Getting Aid, Warns Against Default Bets

"April 26 (Bloomberg) -- Greece moved toward getting an emergency aid package before debt payments come due in mid-May as Finance Minister George Papaconstantinou warned investors they will “lose their shirts” if they bet the cash-strapped nation will default."

So that's it... Greece is warning US (you and me)... Don't bet against them, you'll lose your shirt! LMAO

Onto Andy T (before I get stupid here with other comments, or worse, bet against Greece and lose my shirt).


Andy T's Commentary (re-print from April 25) 

Good Sunday Evening Capitalists (provided it's still legal to be a capitalist),
It seems like we've been talking about this 61.8% retrace at 1229 for awhile now. Perhaps this is the week the market finally kisses that much anticipated level. There was nothing bearish about last week as the market fully recovered from the GS/SEC "gyration," proving once again that bullish markets will NEVER peak on bearish news. So it goes...

I'm geared quite bearish the S&P right now via June puts with a 1200 strike. The position is "in my face" right now*, but I'm loving every minute of it (Thank you sir, may have another!).

I've also included a one page update of the Sugar market here. Remember how were were going to run out of Sugar a few months ago? Um, not so much any more. That market has basically collapsed, but there does seem to be a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel for Sugar bulls.
S&P 500 Update 25 Apr 10
* The Jun 1200 e-mini Puts were bought for 28pts. The last trade was 24, so not bleeding too badly. "Tis but a scratch..."


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DL said...

Karen @ 4:47


karen said...

From the Mayo: The cause of meralgia paresthetica is compression of the nerve that supplies sensation to the skin surface of your upper leg.

Tight clothing, obesity or weight gain, and pregnancy are common causes of meralgia paresthetica. However, meralgia paresthetica can also be due to local trauma or from a disease, such as diabetes.

In my case.. I'm going with local trauma. And, I just now remembered! Pilates believe it or not!

Anonymous said...


I love that you like to use "lag-time" to explain so many things re your 4:25. I mean, what are you saying, that economic cycles determine some point? Am I misreading you here?

as for your 4:27, we call that wave 4.

DL said...

McF @ 5:01

Let's continue with that issue tomorrow, or another day.

(There isn't a simple answer).

AmenRa said...

Medication is kicking in. Give mew a few minutes to put together a wrap.

karen said...

I had it very severely once.. could barely walk.. definitely could not stand up straight.. actually, a chiropractor helped me the most but i went for acupuncture treatments as well.. i could only use the "drugs" at bedtime and while my sons were in school.. but i had to be able to drive them too and from.. it was a multi month affair..

Nic said...

Hope Karen & Ra get better soon ...

Fair enough DL, I would not know the luxury you are talking about. Here you put 25% down or you pay extra to insure your mortgage and because when I bought I was on a work-permit and not a citizen they demanded 40% down from me.
After what I was put through getting a mortgage from HSBC finding out that they were busy writing liar loans elsewhere was not amusing.
I sold last year and happy to be renting for now.

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