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Creditcane™: Did you feel that? I think a fault line moved.

Spinning top day. Midpoint above EMA(10). Well above SMA(21). New high on daily 3LB (reversal is 1178.34). Holding above weekly 3LB midpoint. Bah humbug. QE2infinity.

Doji day. Midpoint above EMA(10). Below the 38.2% retrace at 80.63. Still above SMA(89). No daily 3LB changes (reversal is 81.19).

Bullish short day. Midpoint below EMA(10). Below all SMA's. New low on daily 3LB (reversal is 18.52). Relocated to the "no fear" zone (for now).

Bullish harami day (but not much of a downtrend). Still above SMA(21). Midpoint below EMA(10). 0.0% retrace holding. Closed below 14.6% retrace (1392.69). No daily 3LB changes (reversal is 1338.80). My precious.

Spinning top day. Midpoint below EMA(10). Still above its 38.2% retrace at 1.3129. Below all SMA's but SMA(144). No daily 3LB changes (reversal is 1.3001).

Bearish short day (confirmed hanging man/dragonfly doji). Midpoint above EMA(10). Failing the Gann 4x1. No daily 3LB changes (reversal is 40.30).

Spinning top day. The 0.0% fibo retrace at 23.59 has held. Staying above SMA(144). Still above its 50.0% retrace (31.86). Midpoint above EMA(10). No daily 3LB changes (reversal is 30.00).

Bearish short day. Midpoint above EMA(10). Above all SMA's. Above the Gann 2x1. No daily 3LB changes (reversal is 295.43).

Bullish short day. Midpoint above EMA(10). Now above all SMA's. Holding above the lower trend line. New high on daily 3LB (reversal is 14.51).

Bearish long day. Midpoint below EMA(10). Below all SMA's. Below its 23.6% retrace (11.91). New low on daily 3LB (reversal is 11.96).

Bearish short day (tail too short for hanging man). Midpoint above EMA(10). Still above all SMA's. No daily 3LB changes (reversal is 47.37). JBTFD...



karen said...

thank you, AR, but somehow I still can't make sense out of anything..

lumber is off the charts again.. $gaso went up.. and forget JJC.. $copper hit an all time high of 414.40, closing $1 lower.. and in relation to the dollar, it is not an all time high but close.. so it isn't an inflation phenomenon..

karen said...

anecdotally... as for my travels on the freeways and roads of southern ca.. lots of new vehicles. i should actually make a count and be more scientific.. miles covered, minutes on the road, and # of new cars..

Anonymous said...


previous thread re refi-

everyone always has stories about the nightmare of a refi or home financing in general (100% lock it was a nightmare if it was w/ BAC)-

in any event- ask yourself a question- why are they making him pay off his Discover card? If a loan officer can make the loan w/o requiring anything but standard documentation (pay statements, W2's, tax returns [if self employed/commissioned] bank statements) than that is exactly what he will do-

so . . .why would a loan officer make it difficult? Answer- the dude didn't qualify and it's a lock he isn't telling you the whole story- as he probably had to pay down installment loans to < 10 months and other accounts to get his qualifying ratios to an acceptable level-

(think about it- the minimum payment on a revolving credit line with a small balance is minimal- and the bank couldn't care less if he keeps all loans and revolving balances- as long as he qualifies)

another question- if a bank (as a condition for a loan) tells you to pay off an installment loan or revolving account- why wouldn't they ask for your bank statement (even though you provide documentation that the balance on the loan or revolving line is zero)?

They are trying to confirm that it was paid off with the borrower's own funds (and not by another loan, credit card or money from another party).

in the end- if they tell you to pay it to zero- keep it at zero until the loan closes (but maybe it wasn't explained to him well).

I-Man said...

Wheat, corn, cotton, sugar, lumber... they all look like they want to go parabolic.

With a bid underneath Bucky as well, that can only mean one thing...

Sadly, war, I'm afraid. Wars and rumors of wars.

One cant trouble one-Self about it much really, just pray and meditate. I-ditate.

Set your medi.

Anonymous said...

as an aside-

the interview BR did w/ the Scott Patterson (author of The Quants)-

quite fascinating-

well worth your time- I think b22 would agree as I saw he commented as well

karen said...

excellent reply, ahab.. i was wondering why he didn't keep it at zero myself... unless he has so few credit cards as I do.. and uses them as ATMs and pays them off each month.

karen said...

I-Man.. you are funny.. I met you.. you didn't strike me as a jedi ; )

and no more wars, i mean it!

Anonymous said...


did you notice that my 2nd Wanger post evaporated last night?

you saw the 2nd post right?

conspiracy? or I am I delusional?

karen said...

ahab, i peeked at that interview.. definitely seemed worth reading. my mind is overcome lately.. too much knowledge seems to be detrimental these days.

Anonymous said...


I felt compelled to read that interview- after BR deleted my post where I was busting his balls about using the word "robust" in the google map post that preceded it-

I wanted him to know- that- although I can be a total asshole-

doesn't mean I don't appreciate some of his posts

Anonymous said...


c'mon- please acknowledge the HW post-

it was almost like Area 51 last night (to me anyway!!)

Anonymous said...

okay- that settles it-

It must have been a David Lynch dream sequence and I was the dwarf- confused and out of my element

AmenRa said...

Waiting on China.


Correlations have broken down. Nothing makes sense right now.

ben22 said...

long story regarding the income ratio, not really worth getting into

I'm sure you see the humor though in an explanation that someone would need to verify that they did not take a loan to pay a hundred dollar bill and as long as they could provide that verification that they were happy to extend them several hundred thousand multiples of that amount.

ben22 said...

or not quite that much, but you get my point....

Anonymous said...


it's all automated underwriting ("Desktop Underwriter" being Fannie and "Loan Prospector" being Freddie)-

a loan officer inputs the information and then after seeing the results- makes adjustments so that he can see what may make the deal work-

but there is no humor in documentation- if someone pays something off- regardless of amount- then it needs to be documented-

if not- then the lender is exposed to being required by the "agencies" to buy the loan back if the "approval" is in question

ben22 said...

check out this play

dons vs. cavemen

Bruce in Tennessee said...

President Clinton to Meet with President Obama Friday

,,,it actually implies he feels he's sinking...and needs help...please make our enemies be nice the next two years

CV said...

new thread

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