S&P 500 Report with a touch of Apple

Hope everyone had a great weekend. This Scribd document is soley focused on the S&P500 with a few nods toward "THE APPLE." S&P500 Report 22Apr12


Some Black Keys for audio pleasure... I really like the "vibe" of this band.


AmenRa said...

Weekly 3LB Update 4/20/12

Andy T - having fun with the new blogger layout for adding new posts? I keep my info in a text file and had to go back and add the rest of the html formatting.

Andy T said...

Yeah man.

Way to Blogger.

It took me a few minutes to sort of get "oriented" with what was going on.

Not sure why these douche bags even spend the money on a "team" that does this reconfigs.

don't "get it."

But, I'm just some old fart now....now that i'm 40.

AmenRa said...

Two interesting videos on BR's site regarding mushrooms (not what you think):
Paul Stamet on Mushrooms

AmenRa said...

EURCHF almost broke thru 1.1900 (got down to 1.1927). It's on.

AmenRa said...


Andy T said...

Little early morning smash face-age.

like it.

AmenRa said...

I see the daily line in the sand is 1360. That will get broken during the last hour of trading. Got to send the Fed a message before their meeting. I wonder if the Fed has the cojones to hold out until the June meeting?

AmenRa said...

nuevo mensaje

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