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Some Scribd thoughts on the S&P500 and Gold.

Market Commentary 22Jan12


Crazy thing I've seen in awhile... keep watching....


QQQQ said...

Thanks AT, Amazing vid! SPX, seems alot of things looking to be overbought and bearish... add 5day put2call, VIX and 4 year bearish triangle all in play... soon, which prolly means slow grind up... still short though, being stubborn and just letting it ride.

Anonymous said...

NY Gold 1673.5 +9.5 +0.57
NY Silver 32.440 +0.765 +2.38


I'm, still, impressed by the way that Au & Ag have been 'hangin' in there'..(for now, anyways)

though, will say that I wasn't, too, terribly, impressed by either of those football 'Games', yesterday..

~"fading the Announcers(coverage) not Sucking.."

was the Trade o' the Day..


Anonymous said...


also, nice Chartage~! (as per..)

as an aside, "Opera"-browser, at least, on this End, doesn't 'like' scribd..

I d-loaded a copy of 'Firefox'-Browser..

"Problem" solved..~


Anonymous said...

This is a lengthy, highly provovative article illustrating in explicit detail my thoughts on how America's inferior education system made the Great Recession not only a foregone conclusion of indoctrinated GroupThink, but prevents a true recovery from recovery due to the abject fear of price clearing. You may need to put your thinking caps on and exercise some patience and restraint with this one. I am going to follow it up with an explcit example of said groupthink by going against the conventional grain (yet again) and pointing out what many in the mainstream consider to be the most likely threat to economic prosperity in 2012 (and no, Iran is not even in the running on this one). I blame indoctrinated GroupThink for the inability of Wall Street to see the excessive coniferous expanse due to treebark blindness! Until the next post, though...
Dubois Speaks Through Me

The problem is plain before you. Here is a situation transplanted through the criminal foolishness of those gifted and/or empowered with the productive assets created and cultivated by our fathers. Whether you like it or not this country constitutes hundreds of millions of the diverse plethora that is America. They are already here, and here they will remain. If you do not enable the mechanisms that allow them to lift themselves up (versus the socialistic path of trying to lift all up), they will simply pull you down. Access to (and not the socialistic gifting of) productive assets (wealth) and knowledge, combined with the teaching of individuals to build strength of character are the means to which accomplish this...."


Andy T said...

Love all the Raven's whiners like Mel Kiper Jr. this AM:

"The Ravens outplayed the Patriots...one play away from Super Bowl..."

Yeah. Deal with it.

They were outplayed last week and won the game....

Easy come...easy go...

Andy T said...

i'm surpised the pats are favored by 3.5c.

i think giants own them mentally at this point...

think they take them again.

AmenRa said...

Andy T

Folks were blaming the kicker for the Ravens loss but the wide receiver who dropped the touchdown is the real reason.

AmenRa said...

..Lee Evans

spoonman said...

"The Ravens outplayed the Patriots...one play away from Super Bowl..."

No, they didn't. You can tell because the Patriots had more points.

spoonman said...

Although we definitely escaped that one...whew...

Anonymous said...

"...think they take them again..."


NYG is the Pick, in XLVI, from my Seat.

also, anyone else 'notice' that those Broadcasts were ~1/2 'Commercials'?

IOW, of the ~3 hours it took to 'Televise' those Games, actual "Football"-coverage was ~an Hour and a half..

DVRs a fl*pp*n' G-dsend..~


Anonymous said...

O, 'while I'm thinkin' about it..'

anyone else getting the impression that Aaron Rogers (GB QB) is suffering the ill-effects of having ~"too much Smoke being blown up his *ss"?


cv said...

Ravens lost because they didn't make crucial playes when they needed...

- Goal line stand, failed to stop Brady
- Lee Evans drop
- Missed FG

Ravens did everything statistical they needed to win...

- More total yards
- better QB passer rating
- Ray Rice got his 20 carries
- Won the turnover margin

When that happens and you LOSE... You didn't make the IMPORTANT plays...

Andy~ I'll send you an e-mail with address...

cv said...

I'm going to go with the Patriots winning the Superbowl...

Going all the way back to my official pre-season picks... I had them winning it all (because of the Myra Kraft thing, which I'd wrote about back in August, and was on display in the game as the players were flashing "the MHK" patch all game)...

I'd take the Giants & the points though... But the Pats are going to win...

Anonymous said...


2.613 +0.221 (+9.30%)

different pic.


'mazin' what 'happens' when Prices get stretched /away/ from the 50dma..


Anonymous said...


speaking of 'mazin'..

think it *funny that "We're" gonna get the "Media Bowl", in XLVI..

diff...that the two Teams that 'the Media' would 'Love to See'(in the Game) are, actually, in it..


also, re: Pats..did you see the shots, of the "Owner's Boxes" that were showed (during the Game)?

the one that Ravens' Owner was in looked like it was 'Blacked Out'/"Dead"..

while Kraft's, again, for the second Week in a row, looked like "Party Central"..

like above, seemed *funny..


but, anyway, Yesterday was a good Day to be 'Taking the Pins'...at the minimum..

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