Weekend Edition - NCAA & NFL Picks

CV's PICKS - 2010 YTD Totals (all "ATS" [against the spread - wager totals include the vig lost])
2010 NCAA Picks (aggregate): 65-43-4
2010 NCAA (unit picks differential): +3
NCAA 2010 Wager Total: (+$35)* (cv wins the "kissing your sister" trophy)
CV's NCAA 2010 Bowl Season (Picks) - Results:

New Mexico Bowl (UTEP) - Correct
Humanitarian Bowl (N. Illinois) - Correct
New Orleans Bowl (Troy) - Correct
St. Petersburg Bowl (Louisville) - Push
Las Vegas Bowl (Boise State) - Correct
Pointsettia Bowl (SDSU) - Correct
Hawaii Bowl (Hawaii) -
Total (incl. vig): (+$500)

2010 NFL Picks (aggregate): 112-87-5
2010 NFL (unit picks differential): +32
NFL 2010 Wager Total: (+3,280)

This week in da bowls...

Last week was essentially the end of the regular season for NCAA (with the exception of the lower division schools - which, while entertaining, you'd have to be in full degenerate retard mode to lay $$ on)...

In this moment, the student athletes are busy cheating on studying for final exams, I'll be posting my bowl picks here as they come online... It's really a waste of time... There should be a playoff system, but when given the choice between "bread & circuses" (bowl games), or watching C-SPAN I'll take the bread & circuses... Anything to keep me from fixing that leak, or repairing a fence...

Saturday, December 18

New Mexico Bowl
should be known as "New Mexico Bowl" 
 UTEP Miners vs. BYU Cougars (2:00 EST)
Line: BYU by 13.5

CV has to go with the "Cougars" here... it's hard to turn down a nice "Cougar"... Besides, I was watching TV last night and there's a new show (modeled after AXE Men, called "Alaska Gold" - where a bunch of hacks rent some equipment and try to mine some gold out of the earth up in the Klondike's... Sounds a bit like ringing the bell at the top to me... BYU is going with a freshman QB here, but I'm going with that COUGAR EXPERIENCE (in these situations), if you know what I mean... COUGARS for (1 unit)... Correct

uDrove Humanitarian Bowl
should be known as "anything but "Duel Bowl""
 N. Illinois Huskies vs. Fresno St. Bulldogs (5:30 EST)
Line: N. Illinois by 1.5

Remember that movie "Duel" (by Steven Spielberg)?... It was like, his senior project at USC film school... Great movie!... Dennis Weaver (aka "McCloud") gets chased all over the California high desert by a crazed truck driver in a smoky diesel truck...

Well - this game ought to be nothing like that because it has "Humanitarian" in the name... I'll go with NORTHERN ILLINOIS here over Fresno State simply out of geographical association (because in the end, the truck in "Duel" end up going off a cliff in a massive fireball, somewhere outside of Fresno)... Sorry I spoiled the ending... (1 unit)... Correct

R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl
aka "stand in line to get a job as a trucker bowl"
Ohio Bobcats vs. Troy State Trojans (9:00 EST)
Line: Troy St. by 2

Ummm... Let's see... We have some "pussies" here, and some member protecting prophylactics... Gotta take the prophylactics simply on a "who's giving it to who" basis here... TROY for (1 unit)... Correct

(refer back to this post for "pre-game" picks as the games come online next week)

Tuesday, December 21

Beef O'Brady's Bowl St. Petersburg Bowl
aka "The anti Chick Fil-a-Bowl (and shouldn't this be held in St. Patrick? or Limerick?)" 
Southern Miss Golden Eagles vs. Louisville Cardinals (8:00 EST) 
Line: Louisville by 3

CV took Louisville CARDS for (1 unit)... Push

 Wednesday, December 22 (8:00 EST)

MAACO Bowl Las Vegas
aka The "Earl Schieb - I'll paint any car any color for $99 Bowl" (which gets to pretend it's the Fiesta Bowl) - Boise State rewarded them here by making an appearance, so MAACO agreed to paint their field blue for free
 Utah Utes vs. Boise St. Broncos
Line: Boise State by 16.5

CV likes... BOISE STATE for (1 unit)...
Current Action: 73% Boise State/27% Utah

Thursday, December 23

San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl
aka the "I thought you weren't supposed to use "county" & "credit" in the same sentence Bowl"
 Navy Midshipmen vs. San Diego St. Aztecs (8:00 EST)
Line: SDSU by 3

CV takes SDSU for (1 unit)

Friday, December 24
Sheraton Hawaii Bowl
aka "The named after a Japanese hotel chain called "SHELTON" Bowl"
 Hawaii Warriors vs. Tulsa Golden Hurricanes (8:00 EST)
Line: Hawaii by 10

I hate that this line has moved down from 13 (public money being on Hawaii)... But I'll stick with the Hawaii pick for (1 unit)...

Full game write-ups & fantasy football notes will be posted throughout the day and before Sunday kickoff


 San Francisco 49ers at San Diego Chargers
Line: Chargers by 9.5

CV took CHARGERS for (0 units) - ($0) - Correct


 Kansas City Chiefs at St. Louis Rams (1:00 EST)
Line: Rams by 1 
Ladies & gents... I apologize for not being able to do 'fuller' write-ups this weekend... I usually take the time on Sunday mornings to compile this, but something came up... Hopefully, I'll be back online by the 4PM games and can fill that out some... I'm mostly just going to give you my selection & unit picks here... RAMS for (1 unit)...

 Houston Texans at Tennessee Flaming Thumbtacks (1:00 EST)
Line: Thumbtacks by 1.5
TEXANS for (1 unit)

 Jacksonville Jaguars at Indianapolis Colts (1:00 EST)
Line: Colts by 5
JAGS for 1 unit

 Arizona Cardinals at Carolina Panthers (1:00 EST)
Line: Panthers by 2.5
CARDINALS for 2 units

 Cleveland Browns at Cincinnati Bengals (1:00 EST)
Line: Bengals by 1
BROWNS for 4 units

 Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins (1:00 EST)
Line: Dolphins by 5.5
BILLS for 1 unit

 Philadelphia Dog Killers at New York Football Giants (1:00 EST)
Line: Giants by 3
DOG KILLERS for 1 unit

 Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys (1:00 EST)
Line: Cowboys by 7
REDSKINS for 2 units

 Detroit Lions at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1:00 EST)
Line: Bucs by 5.5
LIONS for 1 unit

 New Orleans Saints at Baltimore Ravens (1:00 EST)
Line: Ravens by 1.5
RAVENS for 1 unit


 Atlanta Falcons at Seattle Seahawks (4:05 EST)
Line: Falcons by 6
CV is leaning towards ZERO unit play on SEAHAWKS

 J-E-T-S Jets, Jets, Jets at Pittsburgh Steelers (4:15 EST)
Line: Steelers by 5.5
CV is leaning towards high unit play on JETS

 Denver Broncos at Oakland Raiders (4:15 EST)
Line: Raiders by 7
CV is leaning towards low unit play on BRONCOS


 Green Bay Packers at New England Patriots (8:25 EST)
Line: Patriots by 14
CV is leaning towards medium unit play on PACKERS


 Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings (8:35 EST)
Line: Bears by 2.5
CV is leaning towards low unit play on BEARS

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