Traders Anonymous 2.0

Hello Everyone.

Last night, AmenRa and I decided to make a few changes to this site because, quite frankly, this Blog has changed in the last few weeks.

CV, who founded Traders Anonymous, will no longer be an administrator. AmenRa (the lead contributer) and I have taken over all administrative duties and responsibilities. We've invited CV to be an author if he would like to be involved in some authorship role.

The intent is for this Blog to get back to its "roots," which is trading and technical analysis. The Comments section will remain open and uncensored, though we will reserve the right to moderate where necessary.

As a "personal aside," I know that several of our good friends have left this site in the last few weeks for various reasons. The primary 'strength' of this blog, and almost any blog for the matter, is the contribution of the commenters/readers/friends.  We value those friends and their ideas.

My hope is that folks decide to add their voices back to the discussion again, if only on occasion. This particular blog will never "go away" or be shut down. If there's no demand for the analysis and/or people don't feel like commenting in the future, then we'll probably just stop posting threads "some day." Either way, this blog will remain public and open to all.

Best Wishes to Everyone,

Andy T.


wunsacon said...

Nice renovation...looks purdy.

cv said...

I like it too...

Thumbs up! (reminds me of the Andy's Technicals layout - which I liked as well)...

If I do NFL/NCAA picks on weekends, do I need a "disclaimer" for that :-)


Anonymous said...

I did not know that people had left over "something". I thought it was vacations for some or things like that.
Anyways, I hope the blog continues and people chime in. This comes quite close to what we call as "adda" in India. The word implies a place where people just gather to chatter, spend some time and basically chill out.
But over the past years that I have followed this, I do see perceptible anger, hostility etc break out of the surface. I would just say, just let things be.

CV, off the topic here, but you asked some Anon a question about how people cling to things that have been stripped away from them and not cherish what is in front of them. In all things that matter to me, I am as guilty as anyone of that. Even after acknowledging the irrationality and its zero utility, I do that all the time.


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