Sunday Afternoon Commentary: Master's Sunday Ed.

It's Masters Sunday, one of my favorite days of the sporting year, so will not have much to add to my latest Scribd "offering."

The thing that is most striking, upon looking at the "bigger picture," is how much Silver and Gold have outpeformed the Euro in the last few years. March '08 was an important inflection point in the Forex market--the Euro is STILL down from those lofty heights whereas Gold and Silver are up 50% an 100% over the same time.

Amazing stuff.

I'm rooting for someone young and/or "new" to win the Masters.

Bust of Luck to everyone in the week ahead.


AmenRa said...

Charl Schwartzel wins Masters with -14

Anonymous said...

and 4 birds to finish his Card~

Was a great finish.


Andy T said...

Yeah, raise your hand if you had Schwartzel winning the Masters.


Love it though.

I'm sure Tiger Woods will tell us "how close" he is....and how he "couldn't get anything to drop."

Yeah, welcome to the reality of every really good golfer.

I once had the good fortune of playing a round of golf with a PGA Tour Winner. He told me something I'll never forget: "The ONLY difference between winning and losing on the Tour is putting. That's it. We can all hit the big shots and the big drives. We can all do that. It's about putting."

Tru dat!

Even Rory McIlroy, after melting down on #10, could have gotten back into it if he could have sank a putt....

Schwartzel, Adam Scott, Jason Day ALL hit big putts to be "there."

Tiger Woods MISSED big putts down the stretch. That's why he was four shots behind the winner.

AmenRa said...

Andy T

Yeah, putting humbled many a golfer at the Masters.

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