Things to do over the weekend that aren't likely to land you in jail...

This might actually get you invited to some hot parties in the Hamptons, Sweet!


This will only lose you your limo privileges for a day


This will win you a Nobel Prize

Note: if your name is VanDerSloot, I can't help you out there.

Things to do that DEFINITELY WILL land you in jail...

If you try, for goodness sakes - don't use the front door
Forget about trying this one - This may actually get you DEAD

But in the end, if you do wind up in jail, just try to stay clean until late 2012 (but in doing so - DON'T DROP THE SOAP)... When your parole hearing comes up, just tell them that you're an avid "The View" watcher and you might get a pardon...

So stay safe out there my friends!


Bruce in Tennessee said...

If you have a president of the Ready-Fire-Aim variety, who is usually the most inexperienced in whatever room he enters...wiser heads in his own party may realize he's just the moron-in-chief.....

US House Votes to End Deepwater Drilling Moratorium

"The Obama administration imposed the six-month moratorium on exploratory drilling in waters more than 500 feet deep in response to the BP oil spill. The moratorium runs through the end of November.

"An indiscriminate blanket moratorium punishes the innocent along with the guilty for the actions of the poor judgment of one reckless company,'' said Rep. Charlie Melancon, a Louisiana Democrat who co-sponsored the amendment.

"If a rig meets all the tough new safety requirements issued by the Department of Interior, if it has been fully inspected and deemed safe, why should it sit idle? And the workers of that rig, why should they go jobless until the arbitrary six-month period is over?'' he said."

...I think we should go back on the View and have a hissy fit...

Bruce in Tennessee said...

Anonymous said...

Amateur Investor

Gleason Report

mcHAPPY said...

I am not 'down' with EWI short term count. As usual, they are calling start of minor 3. I hope I am wrong and they are right but to get to this point I'd be looking for the following to throw my hat in the minor 3 ring:

1) Close below 1096.48
2) Close below 1083.48
3) ANY break of 1056.88

and to remove any doubt what-so-ever:

4) new lows i.e. below 1010.91

However, the first 3 would suffice for mcHAPPY, especially #3.

mcHAPPY said...

I guess many are starting to figure out The Struggle has a Name : DEFLATION.

CV - you don't do spin classes in Montreal by any chance, do you? (watch link)

wunsacon said...

Bruce, do you think the GOP will draft a balanced budget? Do you think they'll achieve it simply by cutting spending or by raising taxes as well? And will they propose spending cuts ahead of this election or only after they reclaim the House?

I'm curious what your expectations are.

Bruce in Tennessee said...


This is what I think. The answer to your question is no, I don't think they will.

If Obama was serious about keeping control of congress, and I were he, this is what I would do:

I'd pull a rabbit out of my hat. The Germans passed a balanced budget amendment to their constitution that takes full effect in 2016. If I were Obama, TOMORROW, I would propose the same thing. This would, this close to the election, throw the republicans off stride, and I think is the only real chance the democrats have to keep control. AND it is the right thing to do....think about it for minute.

Bruce in Tennessee said...

But I have almost as little faith in the republicans as the democrats. I am a fiscal conservative but I have a lot of social liberal ideas. I am 100% behind women's rights, and when push comes to shove, I think homosexuals deserve the same marriage rights as heterosexuals. And many other liberal ideas. But I am VERY fiscally conservative, and I think long term deficit spending may do a Rome on us...

Bruce in Tennessee said...

As a physician, though, I will have to think abortion is not something I can support, unless the life of the mother is truly in danger.

That's about how I see things....

wunsacon said...

Bruce, interesting idea about the balanced budget amendment. Yes, I agree that would be politically wise and the right thing to do.

It would be nice if they were to use 2012 as the date for full enforcement. But, hey, I'll take what I can get.

wunsacon said...

Bruce, not unlike when you make a wish with the devil, any balanced budget amendment has to be cleverly and carefully articulated. It also has to restrain the Fed or else the pols will use the Fed to work around the amendment.

So, while it's possible someone might propose a balanced budget amendment, it will probably be BS like so much else we get.

Liquid Soap said...

At least he didn't drop any liquid soap, that would be a lot harder to pick up.

But wait it will be ok, he has a friend to help him pick it up.


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