AmenRa's Corner 3.1.12

Creditcane™: Lo siento. My hands are tied. I had to excommunicate ISDA.

Bullish short day. Midpoint above EMA(10). Still above all SMA's. Holding above the 0.0% retrace (1359.44). New high on daily 3LB (reversal is 1365.74). QE2infinity.

Spinning top day. Midpoint at EMA(10). Holding above the 38.2% retrace (78.43). Tested and failed SMA(21). No daily 3LB changes (reversal is 79.67).

Bearish long day. Midpoint below EMA(10). Failing SMA(21). Failing its 61.8% minor retrace (18.81). No daily 3LB changes (reversal is 21.14).

Bullish short day. Midpoint below EMA(10). Tested and held its 38.2% retrace (1721.30). Tested and held SMA(144). No daily 3LB changes (reversal is 1788.40). Still above monthly 3LB mid. Must have the precious.

Spinning top day (confirmed bearish engulfing). Midpoint above EMA(10). Tested and held SMA(89). Holding above its 61.8% minor retrace (1.3222). No daily 3LB changes (reversal is 1.3063).

Bullish short day. Midpoint above EMA(10). Holding above all SMA's. Tested and held its 50.0% minor retrace (39.86). Daily 3LB reversal down (reversal is 40.09).

Spinning top day. Tested and held SMA(144). Midpoint above EMA(10). Holding above its 0.0% retrace (18.96). No daily 3LB changes (reversal is 20.47).

Bullish long day. Still above all SMA's. Midpoint above EMA(10). Tested and held its 38.2% minor retrace (107.86). No dally 3LB changes (reversal is 106.25). Not confirming the monthly 3LB reversal down.

Bullish short day. Failing SMA(233). Midpoint above EMA(10). Tested and held its 61.8% retrace (35.41). No daily 3LB changes (reversal is 33.44).

Bullish short day. Midpoint above EMA(10). Still above all SMA's. Holding above its 50.0% retrace (43.76). New high on daily 3LB (reversal is 45.05).

Bullish long day. Tested and held SMA(21,55). Midpoint below EMA(10). Tested and held its 38.2% retrace (0.7808). No daily 3LB changes (reversal is 0.7908).

Bearish short day. Midpoint above EMA(10). Still above all SMA's. Tested and failed its 61.8% retrace (81.350). No daily 3LB changes (reversal is 79.68).

Bullish long day. Midpoint above EMA(10). Tested and held SMA(21). Holding above its 50.0% retrace (3.835). No daily 3LB changes (reversal is 3.987).

Hanging man day. Still above all SMA's. Midpoint above EMA(10). Tested and failed its 0.0% retrace (547.61). New high on daily 3LB (reversal is 525.76).



AmenRa said...

ISDA's whining about not being treated fair in the press

AmenRa said...


A hanging man's lower shadow has to be at minimum twice the length of the candle body.

Random Weblog "Rothschild-backed Fiat Ponzi" Out-Shouter said...

01 March 2012
Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts: Markets Settle After a Clown Show Smash and Grab

Intraday commentary here.

The guys who ran the clumsy rigging of the metals market, up and down this week, are embarrassing. Do they actually get paid for this sort of thing?

For all the money the nation has given away to Wall Street, I would like to think it can afford a better class of white collar criminal, who know how to run a scam, and not a clown show smash and grab.

This obvious incompetency of the whole thing made me wonder if it was not in fact a more 'official' type of operation, and not something orchestrated by more experienced trading desks.

The little girls cheat at 'Go Fish' better and with more sense of style than these jokers can rig world markets.

A big tech IPO may get squeezed out tonight. YELP may price at $840M. They are an online restaurant reviewing business.

Not sure, but they are losing money, and it sounds like GRPN^2.

'Itsa Rothschild-backed Fiat Ponzi, Dawgs..'



Anonymous said...

Israeli Central Bank to Use Its Reserves to Buy US Equities

Not even bonds yet, but stocks?

It makes sense that some Central Banks have started to buy in the stock markets for private corporations. After all, central banks have always held the debt of their sovereigns, and this is just the reality of corporatism.

It is hard to figure out who might be more upset about this story: the US stock bears, or the Israeli taxpayers.

Well, Stan Fischer, the Governor of the Bank of Israel, was Ben Bernanke's mentor at MIT. Maybe he is just helping?

This adds a new dimension of flexibility to the Fed's swap lines with foreign central banks.

Can you say ponzi scheme, bubbe? תוכנית פונזי

I know it's over when the fat lady sings, but the cantor?

to be Clear, w/, both of, the Above..

to me, that 'Dude', "Jesse", is a lucid Thinker..

w/that, even, He is using the Term: 'Ponzi'..

b/c, guess what? That's what, a lot of, this G*rbage is/amounts to..

and, I'm, just, teasing cv-- ..

to me, he, and anyone else, should feel Free to contribute to the 'Marketplace' of Ideas..


Andy T said...

That's really, really wild to me....

The Israeli CB buying equities....

Andy T said...

"For all the money the nation has given away to Wall Street, I would like to think it can afford a better class of white collar criminal, who know how to run a scam, and not a clown show smash and grab."


AmenRa said...

You can see the 10225 contracts at 9:48 CST on a one minute chart for gold on 2/29/12. Someone somewhere yelled BANZAI!!!

Anonymous said...

Via: Network World:

Natural gas has never been much of an option for US car drivers and its going to take a lot of effort by the government and auto manufactures to make it a viable alternative to gas.

But that’s just what a $10 million program from the Department of Energy’s advanced project development group The Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy (ARPA-E) aims to start anyway. ARPA-E’s Methane Opportunities for Vehicular Energy (MOVE) program wants to develop system “that could enable natural gas vehicles with on-board storage and at-home refueling with a five-year payback or upfront cost differential of $2,000, which excludes the balance of system and installation costs.”

From ARPA-E: “Specific aims include technological advancements in the area of (1) new sorbent materials for low-pressure storage of natural gas and (2) new high-strength, low-cost materials and manufacturing processes for conformable tanks capable of high-pressure (250 bar) natural gas storage. Low-pressure approaches inherently reduce the cost on home refueling; however for high-pressure approaches this program also seeks (3) innovative low-cost, high-performance compressor technology.”

According to the agency, there are over 13 million natural gas vehicles on the road worldwide but only 120,000 in the United States. But with what the agency termed as massive increases in the US natural gas reserves over the past decade, there is now an “unprecedented opportunity for advancing the economic, national, and environmental security of the nation. Spurred by technological advances in shale gas production, increased natural gas reserves have led to a decoupling of domestic natural gas with global petroleum prices, and historically low natural gas prices relative to petroleum.”


Anonymous said...

...Whatever happened to CNG – Compressed Natural Gas – as an alternative fuel?

Back in the mid ’90s, I test-drove a few factory-built CNG-powered “demonstrator” vehicles, including a new Ford Crown Victoria. Unlike most hybrids, the CNG Vic was a proper car: Full-size, six-passenger, V-8 and rear-wheel-drive. It required a few modifications to operate on CNG, mostly to the fuel system, but nothing particularly elaborate or expensive because the powertrain (engine and transmission, etc.) was still the same powertrain as in the standard, “gas” burning Vic.

The conversion cost at the time was about $2,500 as I recall. This of course is much lower than the cost of building a multiple (and much more complicated) hybrid gas-electric powertrain, with all its specialized components and software to run the works.

At the time, a CNG powered vehicle struck me as a simpler, cheaper, and so more sensible alternative to hybrid vehicles. It still does today – 20 years later.


You did lose some trunk space to the CNG tanks, but other than that, there were no functional compromises. The CNG-powered cars I tested drove just like the regular gas-burning versions. In the case of the Crown Vic, this meant I got to drive a nice big car with a nice big V-8 instead of a rinky-dinky compact like the typical hybrid car, powered (if you can call it that) by a wheezy four-cylinder supplemented by an electric motor and batteries.

Oh, wait – there was one important difference.

The CNG Vic produced almost no pollution – even relative to the almost-pollution-free “gas” burning modern car, the exhaust stream of of which is 97 percent water vapor and C02 (only an issue if you subscribe to AGW – human-caused global warming). Natural gas is naturally an extremely clean-burning fuel, as anyone who has a gas grille knows. Vehicle exhaust emissions could be dramatically and cheaply reduced simply by converting to CNG – or encouraging production of more CNG-burning vehicles...


Anonymous said...

...The following are 19 signs that America has become a crazy control freak nation where almost everything is illegal....

#1 One California town is actually considering making it illegal to smoke in your own backyard.

#2 In Louisiana, a church was recently ordered to stop giving out water because it did not have a permit to do so.

#3 In the United States it is illegal to operate a train that does not have an "F" painted on the front. Apparently without that "F" we all might not know where the front of the train is.

#4 In many U.S. states is it now illegal to collect rain that falls from the sky on to your own property.

#5 In America today it is illegal to milk your cow and sell the milk to your neighbor. If you do this, there is a good chance that federal agents will raid your home at the crack of dawn.

#6 In Washington D.C. it is illegal not to recycle cat litter.

#7 It is illegal to give a tour of the monuments in Washington D.C. without a license.

#8 In the United States it is illegal to sell natural cures for cancer - even if they work.

#9 In the state of Massachusetts it is illegal to deface a milk carton.

#10 In the state of Alabama, bear wrestling is completely illegal.

#11 In Fairbanks, Alaska it is illegal to give alcoholic beverages to a moose.

#12 In Lake Elmo, Minnesota it is illegal to sell pumpkins or Christmas trees that are grown outside city limits.

#13 There is a federal law that makes it illegal to be "annoying" on the Internet.

#14 If you register with a false name on MySpace or Facebook you could potentially "spend five years in federal prison".

#15 In Hazelwood, Missouri it is illegal for little girls to sell girl scout cookies in the front yards of their own homes.

#16 All over the United States lemonade stands run by children are being shut down because they do not have the proper permits.

#17 In Florida, it is illegal to bring a plastic butter knife to school.

#18 In San Juan Capistrano, California it is illegal to hold a home Bible study without a "conditional use permit".

#19 In the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania it is illegal to make even a single dollar from a blog unless you buy a $300 business license.

Sadly, this list of crazy laws and ridiculous regulations could be thousands long.

We are a nation run by a bunch of control freaks that do not care about our liberties and our freedoms.

Every once in a while, John Stossel does some really great reporting. An example of this is posted below. In this 40 minute video, Stossel goes into great detail about how almost everything is illegal in America today. In particular, the first 20 minutes are absolutely excellent. If you have not seen this yet, I highly encourage you to check it out....


b22 said...


BinT said...

German Retail Sales Unexpectedly Fall

"Sales, adjusted for inflation and seasonal swings, fell 1.6 percent from December, when they increased 0.1 percent, the Federal Statistics Office in Wiesbaden said today. Economists forecast a gain of 0.5 percent, the median of 22 estimates in a Bloomberg News survey showed. Sales (GRFRINYY) rose 1.6 percent from a year ago."

Operating An "F"ing Train said...

ibid - Bear wrestling normally isn't such a good idea in the first place, unless of course nstead of giving your alchol to a moose(which would be illegal), you gave it to the bear (Which isn't illegal) than wrestling it would be fun, especially if it was like in a mud pit.

Drunk Bear Mudd Wrestling...Hmmmmmm Any of you going to come visit me in the hospital?

I am going to start paying attention to the fronts of trains though to see if they have an "F" on them.


Anonymous said...


actually, I think that was (part of?) the point..

if it's 'That Stoopid', there Needs to be a Law agin' it?


Anonymous said...

I think the "everything is illegal" stuff is not really new. Think about all the blue laws that we have had in our history.

That being said, nothing wrong with vigilance on the topic!

- Whammer

Anonymous said...


that's a good Point, I think it, really, 'kicked in' with the "Progressives" (of the TR ilk)..

been 'going on' for more than a Hundred Years, now..


Anonymous said...

the 'Front Page', here..

is pretty 'milquetoast', though, gives some flavor of the 'Idea'..


Anonymous said...

Chart looking Ill..


virtually, Unch., on declining Volume..

"finish whittlin' those 'Shortin' Sticks'.."


Anonymous said...

02 March 2012
Corporate Psychopathy: An Interview With One of the Researchers of the Hare Project

This interview was done by my friend 'Davos' who has agreed to post it here in addition to his own site, Psychopathic Economics 101.

I had always felt that there was something not right, to a dangerous level, with one of the higher up bosses I had in a major division of a Fortune 100 company. Now there is little doubt in my mind that he was a psychopath.

He had the verbal acuity to talk his way in and out of almost anything, and was quite proud of it, and of being hard to pin down. And he gathered a subculture around himself, both above and below, of similar personality types and sycophants, with a few captive enablers who were technically very competent. His powerful personal style fatally marked everything.

I left, not because I could not deal with it, but rather because I saw where this all was heading. The only reason he lasted as long as he did was because the CEO was hands off and weak, and the board was servile and largely clueless. His reputation caught up with him and I heard he did not fare well, and ended up being indicted and went to prison. He ruined the lives of thousands of people. To this day he admits no guilt and no regrets, except in getting caught...."


AmenRa said...


AAPL opened lower indicating it wanted to confirm the hanging man. It's spent most of the day trying to avoid confirmation.

AmenRa said...

I see what they're up to. The goal is to close the week above the May 2011 high. Whatever.

qqqqtrader said...

1375+, can't get me


sent from my android

Anonymous said...


Ye Olde Shiny has been 'hangin' in there'..

at what seems to be a 'constructive' level..


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