Sunday Post: Don't Pitch to Pujols Ed.

Hello All,

Here are some ideas on the S&P 500.  It seems like a "sell the news" decline is in the offing in the week ahead.  I'm going to be a scale up seller into 1258.  Not sure I will have a stop on these shorts.  Will dedicate 30% of a Max Short position to the cause.

Good Luck.

Sp500 Update 23oct11


Albert Pujols is the most bad-ass hitter I've ever seen.  He's certainly the best of his generation.  I was there when he wrecked Brad Lidge and screwed up the Astro's World Series rotation by bombing one late against one of the best Closers that year.   The guy is "Money"...pure and simple.

What he did Saturday night was crazy good.

Speaking of crazy good....why does it always feel so good to watch Bob Stoops and Oklahoma LOSE?

Fun Night.


AmenRa said...

Weekly 3LB Update 10/21/11

mcHAPPY said...

Thanks, Andy and Ra.

Matthew said...

I can't remember if I checked in recently. I had the flu for about 2 weeks and was floored. I've been working long hours and I haven't had time to check in. I miss all of your opinions.

Interesting Pernod Ricard 10y deal struck on Thursday (I think). It is a pretty good credit and likely to be open to new investors whenever Fitch decides to upgrade to match the other two big rating agencies. There are lots of interesting issues in that crossover/split rating space (as well as in the high junk space where the credits are likely to improve as we muddle along).

I haven't been watching the World Series this year because I was so heart-broken when the Tigers went down to the big bats in Texas. I just can't watch another pitch until next season.

It sounds like I am missing a hell of a series.

Anonymous said...


do you do anything in the 'Distressed Debt'/'Bankruptcy'-sphere, in regard to 'Corporates'..?

Bob Stoops, :) that's funny, He, always, struck me as being part-D****eBag..

that TTech Win was Grrreat...(h/t to 'Tony the Tiger' ... in memoriam of the Detroit Kitty-Cats---in fairness, they, really, missed Brandon Boesch--that dude was one of their major 'spark-plugs'..)


also, this 'leg' of "Equity-price Movement" (up), does seem Over..

Andy T said...

Nice night to be a cowboy/ranger fan. You could've caught a cowboy game and ranger world series game and only parkerd your car one time.

Those ball parks share similar acreage.

Mavs win the NBA championship.
Rangers in the works series again.
cowboys? C'mon man...

AmenRa said...

Indy wondering why no one has declared Techmo yet.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

for our local Deflationists..

Wal-Mart ups ante in holiday price matchin

1 minute ago

(AP:NEW YORK) Wal-Mart is announcing a new strategy that it hopes will pull in procrastinators early by giving them a big incentive: a guarantee that they'll get the lowest price no matter when they buy during the holiday season.

The Bentonville, Ark., discounter said Monday it will be matching prices on many of its products. Shoppers who buy something at a Walmart store between Nov. 1 and Dec. 25, but then find the identical product elsewhere for less, can get a gift card in the amount of the difference.

The offer excludes merchandise bought on Wal-Mart's website and some other products, such as groceries.

The price guarantee comes as Wal-Mart Stores Inc. tries to solidify its position as the low-price leader for the holiday 2011 season.


Bruce in Tennessee said...

Well, I watched as much of the Colts game as I could stand. There may be some controversy as to who is the best quarterback in the game today, but not in my mind. It isn't Bennie and the Jets, it is Peyton and the dwarves...

ben22 said...

thanks for the charts Andy, good overview.

Andy T said...

Gaddahfi was worth $200bn?


That's a ton of money.

cv said...

That's a ton of money.


Not necessarily...

- IF gold = money...
- & if a TON = 32,000 ounces (16*2000)
- & if the PPO of gold is $1,650


- a TON of gold (money) = $52,800,000

Or is that to say that's 3787.8787878788 'tons' of money?


Was that '$200bn' (emphasis on the '$' just a steaming pile)?

OR... The market cap of AAPL is $364bn... Maybe the good Col. owned 2/3rds of it... If if so, now that he & Jobs are both gone... Who's running the ship?

cv said...


A fool & his (money) are soon parted


AmenRa said...

Andy T

Commodities (oil and gold). Now the question is where did he stash HIS piece?

Anonymous said...

gold bricks = "the new 'WMD's"...

I say we invade!

Anonymous said...

~1258 holding in there, like a Champ.



cv said...

The Vegas House Ticket this week (determined by the 'sides' on which Vegas has taken the most money without significantly moving the line) was:

- Jacksonville
- Minnesota
- Arizona
- St Louis
- Indianapolis.

[The house also had a lot riding on Washington]

Vegas has so much exposure on Jacksonville, Minnesota and Arizona that if all three of those teams fail to cover there may not be a Vegas next week. Tickets were running almost 19-1 in favor of Green Bay (so it was great for the HOUSE that the Vikes covered (wink wink)...

Tonight you have Baltimore - Jax and the 'sharps' had a 26-1 bias towards the Ravens (but that was at 8.5)...

You'd probably be better if you had locked that in...

I can't go against the HOUSE with such an extreme bias off the VHT...

Therefore I'm OFF tonight... The HOUSE has their perfect guy in pinstripes (Carl Cheffers)... It had Scott Green as well (last night in New Orleans), but there was really nothing he could do because the game got out of hand so quickly...

I'd expect a bunch of long pass interference calls on the Ravens D, as well as holding calls on the Ravens offensive line...

A backdoor cover is in the cards, but I'm OFF either way...

Yesterday was profitable...


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