Morning Corner 10.28.11

YEN (weekly info)
new high 1.31530
high= 1.31530
rev= 1.29820; mid= 1.30675

This chart is saying that the BOJ is losing much sleep. It's back above its 0.0% retrace. It's still above all SMA's. It's making another weekly 3LB high. How long can they hold out before intervening?

EURCHF (weekly info)
-no change (above mid)
high= 1.2382
rev= 1.1292; mid= 1.1837

This cross is not moving in the direction the SNB wants it to. The move down has been gradual for now. Probably won't see any move from the SNB until it starts approaching the peg. It tested and failed the SMA(55) and 38.2% retrace three times.


cv said...

Week 8 NFL picks are now posted here...

week 9 NCAA picks are now posted here...


I'm taking the Cards over the Rangers tonight... I hate to really do it because 91% of the public $$ is on St. Louis...

Nevertheless... It's just too weird (how they keep managing to come back)... It has nothing to do with Carpenter (who is arguably the more talented pitcher tonight)...

Historically, it's just BAD MOJO to have a Game 6 in the palm of your hand (like the Rangers had last night, TWICE having the Cardinals down to their last strike, & failing to close the door)...

They're [Rangers] going to have to dig down deep... It sucks when it seems you have the 'gods' against you... I'll respect them if they manage to overcome...

Quicksand bitchez!

Anonymous said...

"...I'll respect them if they manage to overcome..."

speaking WS..

is it 'Fair' to say that Washington is "being out-Managed" ?


ben22 said...


Is it common to see a throwover in a contracting neo-wave triangle in the D wave if it has reverse alternation?

what do you think about counting the current action like that? the leg down to august lows is wave A and so on.....

Andy T said...


Not sure about that one. Will need to research.

Andy T said...

What's the over/under on MFGlobal being around next week.

Maybe a takover at $1.

Andy T said...

Way to go MFGlobal. Reaching for yield never seems to work out....

Andy T said...

A few of our major customers who have large accounts with MF have transferred $$s. Those guys will need to be purchased very soon....

Anonymous said...


nice point about 'Clients fleeing'..

at the EOD, that's All that many of those, similar, Firms have..

28-Oct-11 02:57PM MF Global shares sink amid speculation of sale AP -5.59%
02:51PM [video] Suitors Lining Up for MF Global [4.4 min] at MarketWatch
02:33PM Goldman To MF Global's Rescue? State Street Also Seen As Suitor at
02:24PM Goldman To MF Global's Rescue? State Street Also Seen As Suitor at
02:18PM [$$] MF Global Draws Interest as Tumultuous Week Ends at The Wall Street Journal
02:06PM Dodd Frank Victory as MF Global Avoids Contagion at TheStreet
02:04PM High Options Volume Calling For A Move? at Seeking Alpha
01:55PM Pressure mounts on MF Global to strike a deal Reuters
01:38PM Most active New York Stock Exchange-traded stocks AP
01:28PM Wall St edges lower as indexes pause after rally Reuters
01:26PM Potential Suitors Emerge for MF Global at The Wall Street Journal
01:23PM [$$] MF Global Draws Interest as Tumultuous Week Ends at The Wall Street Journal
01:19PM MF Global Shares Plunged Yet Again: What You Need to Know at Motley Fool
01:01PM MF Global Draws Down on Credit Lines at Bloomberg
01:01PM MF Bonds Dive as Broker Is Cut to Junk at Bloomberg
12:56PM [$$] MF Global Wins Some Support as Pressures Mount at The Wall Street Journal
12:28PM [$$] MF Global Wins Some Support as Pressures Mount at The Wall Street Journal
12:16PM Wall Street dips after rally, HP shares jump Reuters
12:11PM MF Global stock, bonds fall again as clouds darken Reuters
11:50AM MF Global unlikely to survive weekend, Charlie Gasparino says citing source at
11:42AM Stocks Wobble, But Banks Pare Losses at CNBC
11:17AM Wall St pares losses; all indexes positive Reuters
11:04AM IFR-MF Global bonds tumble following downgrade at Reuters
11:02AM MF Global trades as usual on exchanges: SGX, LME Reuters
10:54AM MF Global stock falls again as clouds darken at Reuters
10:52AM MF Global Debt: Now on Sale at Deep Discounts at The Wall Street Journal


AmenRa said...

It would have been better for the bulls if they had closed the SPX in the body of yesterdays candle to make a bearish thrusting (which is continuation). Unfortunately for them the SPX has formed an evening star.

...but it still needs to be confirmed.

AmenRa said...

new thread

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