Morning Corner 9.14.11

EURCHF (weekly info)
-no change (ABOVE mid)
direction=up (1 bar)
high= 1.2067
rev= 1.0914; mid= 1.1491

It seems it's harder than it appears to keep EURCHF at 1.2000 or higher. It tested that level both days this week. It's above the SMA(21). It's above the monthly 3LB mid. It made a weekly 3LB reversal up last week but this week is not confirming the reversal (yet).

HUI (weekly info)
new high 628.08
direction=up (2 bars)
high= 628.08
rev= 496.70; mid= 562.39

Gold miners decided to play along with the PM. It's above all SMA's. It's still testing the 0.0% retrace. The candle bodies are getting smaller in this move higher but that hasn't stopped the move (yet).

3 Mth vs Overnight Libor (daily info)
new high 0.202
high= 0.202
rev= 0.193; mid= 0.198

No comment required.


cv said...


Week 2 NFL picks (early games) - posted

BinT said...

Could the US economy go the way of Japan?

...Interesting take by a Brit...

AmenRa said...

Wierd. All of the crosses are down and so is the EURUSD. Yet US futures & DXY are higher. Something ain't right.

Andy T said...

House Republicans Wednesday said the Obama administration may have
violated the law in restructuring a loan guarantee in March to now-bankrupt
solar panel manufacturer Solyndra.
The Department of Energy in March agreed to give Solyndra more time
to repay its $535 million loan that it took out under DOE's taxpayer-backed
loan guarantee program. Under terms of the restructuring, DOE allowed a group
of investors that provided about $75 million in financing to be first in line
to recoup their losses from a sale of Solyndra's assets in a bankruptcy
But Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee pointed out a
clause in the Energy Policy Act of 2005, which created the loan guarantee
program, that stipulates that the government should not be "subordinate to other financing."

At a hearing of the committee's oversight subcommittee Wednesday,
Georgia Republican Representative Phil Gingrey asked Jonathan Silver,
executive director of DOE's loan programs office, how DOE allowed the
restructuring despite that clause in the law.
"I'm not a lawyer, so I defer to the judgment of counsel," Silver said.
Gingrey replied: "You've got a bad lawyer, and I believe you got bad

Andy T said...

more choppy grind on the S&P 500. very irritating.

Andy T said...

Oh Well.

Going to a Cold War Kids concert tonight in San Marcos, TX.

So, I don't care ...

AmenRa said...

Andy T

I just don't get it. I'll assume big money is using the rally to sell. There's no way I'd want to be long with everything that's going on.

AmenRa said...

...and the fact that mere RUMORS push the market higher is extremely aggravating.

Anonymous said...

yes, though, aren't 'most people' looking for the "Heavy d-side"-action?

the ol' adage: "The Market moves to make the most People wrong..", seems to at play, here, no?


Anonymous said...

though, to the thinking..

Stocks Rally on Dead-on-Arrival Eurobond Proposals, Rumors, and Patches; More ECB Emergency Funding; Why a Breakup of the Eurozone is Likely

The ECB stepped in today to provide emergency liquidity to at least two banks (without specifying the banks). The implication of course is that all banks are suspects.

Meanwhile, rumors of China buying significant amounts of debt of Italy has been denied by China's premier, clearly overruling meaningless statements made by Zhang Xiaoqiang, a vice chairman of the National Development and Reform Commission.

Also in the news today is a meaningless statement by European Commission President, Jose Barroso, who will "soon present options for the introduction of euro bonds"

Dead-on-Arrival Eurobond Proposals

The Financial Times as have sever others reported several days ago the Eurobond idea is Dead following the German court ruling that allowed some of the Greek bailout ideas to continue. Please consider Stop rejoicing. This was no victory for the eurozone...."


Anonymous said...


how do you like the "Candlestick-age" on this Chart..

am I reading that, correctly, Today looks 'toppy'/"The Top" ?


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