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Good Evening all,

This update is several pages long and covers several different markets at a "glance." I promised to look at the Yen, but in that regard, I've failed. I didn't have quite enough time to put out something decent, but that market does have the elements of a major top (Scary News, Monthly RSI Divergence, etc). I'll need a few more days to produce a Yen report.

Market Commentary 27Mar11

The College Basketball Tournament, aka "March Madness," has lived up to it's moniker--it HAS been absolute "madness" and fantastic to watch. Congratulations to the Butler Bulldogs and VCU Rams, one of whom will make it to the NCAA Finals and both of of whom have DESTROYED everyone's bracket.

VCU just completed one of the greatest upsets in Basketball history by beating the mighty Kansas Jayhaks (#1 seed) in San Antonio, TX. On the road trip from San Antonio to Houston, the Rams will see some of Texas' famous wildflowers which are now blossoming.

See? Not everything in Texas is ugly.....

Meanwhile, Kansas is probably asking themselves, "Who are those guys?"


AmenRa said...


AmenRa said...

I just saw a Bloomberg headline that said oil is under 106 because traders more worried about Europe than MENA.


Andy T said...

I tell you what...60 Minutes is very smart to work in those "sports" stories that are directly "related" to what's going on. That story on St. Anthony's in New Jersey with Bobby Hurley was fantastic. I'll have to contribute some dollars to that group.

The story with Leslie Stahl on overseas cash being "stored" by U.S. companies was also must see TV.

AmenRa said...

The AH traders are struggling to keep futures from imploding. IMHO

karen said...

Fantastic clip!! Haven't reviewed the charts yet because exhaustion has set in here at near midnight in so cal. Just wanted to see what was up, or not!

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