Sunday Evening Post: Metals for Mommas

Hope Everyone properly celebrated the Mothers in their lives.

I know I did, which is why I had no time for a proper S&P 500 Analysis.  Instead, all I have to offer is this Metals Commentary....

This Commentary is bound to make me look stupid as it suggests medium term bullish counts on both Copper and Silver, which is a rather "uncomfortable" call given last week's destruction and uber-bearish Candlesticks.

Oh Well.

Live Long and Prosper,

Andy T.

Metals Commentary 8May11


Sporting Congratulations to:

Animal Kingdom who showed a "wicked" kick in the final 1/16th and won the Kentucky Derby as a 20-1 Shot.

The Dallas Maverick for SWEEPING and DESTROYING the overrated Los Angeles Lakers. Wonder what the Odds of that outcome was before the series began?

Man United for demonstrating, with certainty, that they were the best team in English Premier League as they pounced early and often on Chelsea.


Andy T said...

I'd like to give a special "shout out" to whomever is referring my Scribd documents. Last week's Scribd update was read 180+ times without me "linking" to it on any other sites. That's a mini-record. Also, for whatever reason, 12 new people "subscribed" to my Scribd updates...a 15% jump last week. Woo hoo!

It takes a bit of time to put these slides together in a "publishable" way. Knowing that "someone" is reading them is the main reason I keep it up.

Thanks to All.

cv said...

That copper chart reminds me of the intro to the OUTER LIMITS...

"We control the horizontal... We control the vertical"

cv said...

Andy T said...



Love it....

"The Outer Limits"

Never even heard of that one before.

Andy T said...

qqqqtrader has given me a good chart on hope and change. I want to make it a feature on Tuesday morning. Is that ok AR?

It shows the change in various "things" since the 2008 election...

AmenRa said...

Andy T

No problem.

AmenRa said... has two articles about don't believe the adage "Sell In May"

LMAO as they use anything to keep traders in the market as we approach the cliffs edge at a high rate of speed.

qqqqtrader said...


"$22,900: Average student debt of newly minted college graduates"

Wonder where they'll find a job to pay off their debt?

Lower Oil Prices

AmenRa said...


MCD just hired 62k...

qqqqtrader said...

no doubt, seems if someone would do the opposite of what they heard from all these "experts", they'd be better off.

I like this... "Slumps took place in just 10 of the 30 years in the US"

wtf is a slump? down 1%? down 30%, I'd like to see the real numbers for these slumps.

qqqqtrader said...


working @ MCD, maybe if they became a manager after a few years they have 1/2 chance to pay their skool debts.

AmenRa said...


When a slump is a 50% drop in the market it is very hard to make it back.

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