I'm going lite this weekend. So, talk about whatever you want.

Just to let you guys know. Andy needs to skip this week's Sunday Night chart because he's busy commanding the Navy Silent Drill Team in Norway. His charts will be back next week! :-)

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Bruce in Tennessee said...

Just got back from the Big South Fork. I was repulsed by something I saw there. There is an overlook named after John Muir, later of Sierra Nevada fame, in one part of the park. From the base of a mountain it is about 1200 feet straight up through a number of switchbacks until the overlook is reached. The winter brought down a stair, why the park service built it I know not, but they did. So they loaded up some very heavy timbers on a pack horse to repair the site. Way too much wood for the horse and the horse died. The wood, a huge pile of power pole size timbers is 40 yards from the repair site, and the horse has been pushed down the mountain and left to rot.


Ladder 28.2 is where this horse was worked to death..

72bat said...

ok, open thread....

this evening's dinner prep music, bill evans, eponymous cd on compact jazz (jazz heritage society issue). if you cannot be mellowed by this man's keyboards, you are effed and in need of major therapy, preferably including a certain class of controlled substance.

this evening's entree: striped bass marinaded/covered in a paste of olive oil, garlic, salt and herbs (inspired by a goddess ;^), quick broasted with a side of zucchini in a 550 oven, consumed with a nice unassuming argentine chardonnay. all that french laundry talk plus goddess inspiration.

all this nice mellow harshed by trying to plough thru the atlantic (april issue) josh green feature article "inside man" on timmehhhhhhh. now, i am no student of economics, barely understanding my own cash flow and some basic principles related thereto, prominent among which is the avoidance of debt (parents of the depression), but there seemed to be a major "deficit" in this story (paean) to timmeeehhhhh as the little dutch boy who has pulled our collective bacon (mixed metaphor) out of the fire by the massive application of liquidity. according to his telling, everyone else wanted half-measures or nationalizing of the tbtf which, according to timmmeeeeehhhh, would have cost waaaay more in the long run. fortunately, obama bought timmmeeeehhhh's plan over these other voices (sumner's, volcher's etc.)
"The strategy rested upon a novel feature that saved taxpayers trillions. And yet everybody thinks Obama took a frantic and costly approach."
"Geithner lkes to point out that after a year on the job, he's spent $7 billion recapitalizing the financial firms while private investors put up $140 billon, TARP money is being repaid faster than anyone inagined, and if Obama gets the $90 billion tax on big banks, it could eventually be recouped.. (at a) cost to the taxpayers... much less than the 5 - 10% of GDP the Cleveland Fed says is typical for a crisis, and possibly as little as 2 - 4%. A recent Treasury study indicates it could be less than 1%."
needless to say, this piece has somewhat spoiled my dinner, e.g., the vast lacunae of not addressing the astronomical debt overhang.
would love it if someone like meh could deconstruct this piece. but then, he always says everyone has to do their own homework.
the piece did give background bio on timmmeeeehhhh that indicates he's not as much a tool as i have believed. no comfort there.

72bat said...

sheeeesh. that occupied more space than i thot it would. beg your pardons. going to recover from the article by judicious applications of more bill evans and chardonnay, followed by sir kenneth clark's "civilisation" dvd

I-Man said...

I'm still drooling over your striper dinner...

You catch that yourself?

I-Man's pulled some tasty stripers out of that bay of yours...

72bat said...

@ i-man -
i long ago left the bay area, so no, the striped bass was wild caught (somewhere) but purchased nice and fresh-looking and fresh-smelling at the really good deli/caterers here in the small village of <4,000 i live in her in sw ohio
also served with boiled & buttered la ratte fingerling taters

I-Man said...

New SPX charts in the house now fi sho-


72bat said...

@ i-man -
nope, i left the bay area years ago - que lastima.
i picked up this nice piece o' fish (non-rectangular) from the local deli/caterer here in my little home village of <4,000 in sw ohio. also, served with boiled and buttered la ratte fingerling potatoes. life is good.

72bat said...

hmmm - seems blogger ate my first response for 15 minutes or so

Unknown said...

Trivia : There is actually a movie with the title being P2. Don't know about P3 though, :-)

CV said...


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