Week Ahead Glimpse of DXY, Gold, S&P500

Hope everyone had a good weekend.

The Dollar Index staged a nice bounce mid-week, which helped crush gold.  Some 'wave' definitely concluded for the yellow metal and it seems destined for several weeks of sideways/down price action.  The dollar probably has some more 'hops' left in it but I see resistance in the mid-80's on the DXY.  

The S&P500 is becoming extremely vulnerable to one of those "elevator" moves lower.  I'm itching to short and will likely do so on a break of 1350.

Market Commentary 4Mar12


This is how far the ol' "If you see something, say something" concept has come....

From one of my favorite little blogs:

Detained for Babysitting while White

"Two Fridays ago, Henson and his wife were babysitting their five year-old granddaughter, Ty. After an evening at a neighborhood recreation center, Henson -- who is white -- and his granddaughter -- who is black -- started to walk to his home, which is just a few blocks from the rec center.

Some busybody saw Henson and his granddaughter walking home, called police and alleged that a kidnapping was in progress.

From that point on, all hell broke loose."

There's some police video at the end....gotta love the police state.


Anonymous said...


here's one for you..


personally, I, still, can't believe the volume of Pixels spilled on that 'Topic'..

nice Chartage, though, will say ~iffin' you're looking for some 'Elevator Drop', isn't it better to be "Short", beforehand?


Random Weblog 'Reminder' Service said...


Rothschild De-Authenticator said...

"Rothschild" has nothing to do with anything.

It's all a myth. The only way to get ahead in life is to trade paper tickets so as to fatten up your electronic banks accounts.

DEVO said...


"A victim of collision on the open sea
Nobody ever said, life was free
Sink, Swim, go down with the ship
Use your freedom of choice."

"In ancient Rome
There was a poem
About a dog
Who found two bones
He picked the one
He licked the other
He ran in circles, until he dropped dead"

"Freedom of choice (is what you got)
Freedom FROM choice (is what you want)"

Andy T said...

"~iffin' you're looking for some 'Elevator Drop', isn't it better to be "Short", beforehand?"

I've been looking for an elevator drop for a 3-4 weeks now...better to just jump on the elevator after it goes through the first few floors....


AmenRa said...

Weekly 3LB Update 3/2/12

QQQQ said...

"~iffin' you're looking for some 'Elevator Drop', isn't it better to be "Short", beforehand?"

well, yeh, maybe, (if someone stops pushing the buttons to higher floors :P)
but I got short twice 1294ish, 1325ish), slapped my face then went long, sold last week... now neutral, but, 1375 is BIG resistance which we saw last year. thinking if for some reason we bust through 1375, next 18's is 1406 price which may be reached real quick then fall from there. I may though, nibble on SDS this week.

Been traveling around 3 states and from what I've seen in most resturants and stores, and traffic, the economy doesn't seem to be slowing down. Also, the condo complex I'm renting in Kona, HI, every unit is booked for the next 3+ months.


spy chart

BinT said...

This Week:
Warning: A New Who's Who of Awful Times
to Invest

Last week, the estimated return/risk profile of the S&P 500 fell to the worst 2.5% of all observations in history on our measures. This is not a runaway bull market. Rather, it is a market that again stands near the highs of an extended but volatile trading range. Importantly, the market is again characterized by an extreme set of conditions that we've previously associated with a Who's Who of Awful Times to Invest.


Monarch Vodka said...

Last week there was some discussion about turning cheap vodka into decent vodka by running it through a Brita filter.

So this weekend I got a bottle of the cheapest vodka I could find Monarch and filtered half of it and kept half unfiltered.

Now I am no vodka snob, but after pouring a glass of the filtered and comparing it to a glass of unfiltered, there was a distinc color difference the unfiltered had a yellowish hue to it and an undeniable taste differece, so the unfiltered half got filtered then if got drunk.

Next week I will get a bottle of top shelf stuff and compare it to the filtered Monarch.

Mangy Mutt

AmenRa said...

Mangy Mutt

Now that's my kind of taste test!

AmenRa said...

Will they please stop with the "stocks are cheaper now than any point in history" headlines. Anything is used to try and convince people that all is well and good with the market.

b22 said...

thanks for the update AT

if one uses the RSI strategy I outlined last week they'd note that gold could not hold the lower bull market support zone on RSI last week

GLD is holding the 200 ema thus far however

Don't Get Priced Out said...

AmanRa - You don't want people to get priced out of this market do you?

Heck now is even the perfect time to buy a house, before the prices go back to the moon.

And while they are at it a new car couldn't hurt - Make it a Hummer, got to pay high gas prices to stimulate the economy you know.

I will tell you one thing from my little vodka experiment, I can see why Ben or anyone else would be a vodka snob, I even had my wife try it and she does not drink, she took a sip of the filtered stuff first and gave the old, too stong face, then after a few seconds I had her try the unfiltered stuff and she said it wasn't just to strong but tasted nasty - And it did.


Andy T said...


That's pretty interesting on the Vodka. That never occurred to me even try that...

b22 said...

I sampled a large amount of vodka saturday night, couldn't tell you what kind it was, but it wasn't Bankers Club, I know that much.

client b-day party

Anonymous said...

With the Brita filter, you may lose some product to the sponge effect of the filter. Forget the filter and just get you some tomato juice and fresh ground pepper. You'll never notice any "inferiority".

AmenRa said...


"With the Brita filter, you may lose some product to the sponge effect of the filter."

Well then buy more than one since it's cheap vodka ;-)

b22 said...

sponge effect?

is that something they can use at Georgetown?

b22 said...

I suppose another thing that would be fun is to fill the brita with vodka

and then wait for the next person to come around and drink it, thinking its water

(not suggested for houses with kids under 8)

AmenRa said...


I'm imagining the look on their face after they take a large sip. LMAO.

AmenRa said...

...does that filter idea work with Everclear?

b22 said...


I'd offer to try it on my wife but I've tied a rubber-band around the sink hose so many times waiting for her to turn the water on

if I do this she'll probably serve me with papers


b22 said...

anybody here use stockcharts?

b22 said...


the vodka in the brita would probably work best as a prank in the summer.....somebones out mowing the lawn on a real hot day, looking for a tall glass of water

and then........

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