Winner, Winner, Chicken LOBSTER Dinner!

First of all I want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes yesterday... I couldn't be online all day because I was busy doing a lot of different things...

YES... "Super Saver"... CV had $200 (on his nose), which paid $1,800...

My Hero

The LOBSTER DINNER was on yours truly :-)

 And yes... I was watching as that guy placed his suitcase-full ($100,000) on the #4 horse (Super Saver) & won $900,000... Anyway, I think we BOTH kinda felt like this... 


mcHAPPY said...

Congrats, CV.

This 'bailout' of Greece is lunacy. See the link on previous thread for the reaction in the streets. Next read Bloomberg's write-up:

Bloomberg notable quotes:

About two-thirds of the funds will come from Greece’s 15 euro-area partners, which must still sign off on the disbursement by a unanimous decision. (Everyone hold your breath!)

Germany will provide 28 percent of the euro region’s contribution. (Do I hear "Nein way!")

Prime Minister George Papandreou said “avoiding bankruptcy is a national red line” and the agreement will demand “big sacrifices” from Greeks to avoid “catastrophe.” (Did you see the MW video?)

“We find ourselves before the most savage, unprovoked and unjust attack,” Spyros Papaspyros, head of the ADEDY civil servants union, said last week after seeing an outline of the cuts. (Papandreou I think you have a problem.)

“There is a very real possibility that at the end of two or three years, Greece will still have an unsustainable debt and will have to restructure because it will have a deep, deep recession in the meantime,” said Barry Eichengreen, economics professor at the University of California, Berkeley. (hahahahaha)

mcHAPPY said...

Get ready for new headlines Wednesday, "Greek bailout in JEOPARDY!

Alex: Also referred to as when PIIGS fly.

mcHAPPY: What is a Greek bailout?)

qqqqtrader said...

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Russell 1000 Growth 526.84 -2.44%
Russell 1000 Value 616.06 -2.64%
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Lagging Sectors
Education -1.0%
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Bruce in Tennessee said...

15 inches of rain in Nashville over the last 24 hours. 5 people drowned by not being able to stay out of the rising water...

The Aussies are also trying to kill the goose that laid the golden eggs.


Australia looks at 40 percent tax on mining profit

...As the dim bulb of awareness comes on here in east Tennessee, he realizes that it is not about investment banks and big industry, although that is a part of it. No, it may well be about preserving and enlarging government. Greeks, Aussies, Americans, Brits, Frogs, they are all pushing on the string....

Gotta go repair a trailer...

mcHAPPY said...

Oh yeah, Dubai!

Dubai, the second-biggest sheikhdom in the United Arab Emirates, went from being the world’s best performing property market to the worst within a year. Luckily, China will be able to take this title away next year.

On the Greece front, Merkel may have been right but who gives a rat's ass if the country riots - which it already is.

BinT said...

Hey I-Man:

We had so much rain this weekend, a house ran into a car in Interstate 24.....


"A car is covered with debris as it and 20 cars and tractor trailers wait to be cleared from I-24 eastbound toward Murfreesboro, Tenn. The wooden structure to the left is the porch of the building that floated down I-24 according to TDOT workers on the scene. (AP Photo/The Tennessean, Tom Stanford)"

BinT said...

Nashville may get 22 inches in 48 hours..

CV said...


Greece may get 22 inches in 48 hours too :-)

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