AmenRa's Daily Candle Wrap

Bearish long day. Confirmed bearish harami cross. Held above fibo extension 1153.47 and next price target is 1172.08. No daily 3LB changes. Only 8 more days of QE!!! (yeah right)

Bullish long day. Closed above 10 SMA & 21 SMA. Uptrend may be back. Daily 3LB reversal up with reversal price now 79.70.

Bullish engulfing day (probably more bullish because it engulfed the shadows also). Closed back above the fibo ext of 61.8% (support). Midpoint still below 10 SMA. No daily 3LB changes.

Bearish LONG day. Closed below the 89, 55, 21 and 10 SMA's. But it did not close below weekly 3LB mid (1099.50). No daily 3LB changes.

Bearish long day. Midpoint is now below 10 SMA. Closed below 21 SMA. Daily 3LB reversal down with reversal price 1.3758. Guess no one wanted to be long the Euro over the weekend.

Bearish spinning top day. Stayed above the monthly 3LB reversal of 18.61. Didn't close below midpoint of previous day. No daily 3LB changes.

Bearish long day. But it still closed higher than the doji from yesterday. Midpoint still above 10 SMA. They sent Google another fruit basket today. No daily 3LB changes.


McFearless said...

My boy was on CNBC today...."permabear", lol.

anyway, I won't link it up but it's over there for the viewing if anyone is interested.

McFearless said...

I think EURUSD is the most interesting 3lb. thanks Ra.

CV said...

@McF (5:49)

My sentiments exactly... (per this)

Go Terps! FEAR THE TURTLE! (9:45)

CV said...


CV said...


I'm still trying to guess whether you think we see a deeper pullback into next week - or go tag 1172...


Don't spoil it... I got my own ideas!

Thanks for the (W)RAP... Here's a different version of the same...

AmenRa said...


I put more weight on the weekly and monthly 3LB's FWIW. I like to use the daily 3LB as stops.

Anonymous said...


back at the ranch-

new female poster I see-

awesome!! the more women the better-

it gives me an idea- the female/male ratio at a yoga forum would have to work to my advantage- I don't know shit about yoga-

but being the "caring male" at the forum- I am sure I will get many offers to teach . . . me . . .a thing or two-

and think how limber(-:!!

Anonymous said...

If anyone cares, here is another take on U$D's recent rise from

"Due to European debt crisis(PIIGS), no wonder everyone is hiding in German bunds. This rush to a European safe heaven has push yields on the 10 year German bunds lower, it has resulted in a significant widening of the spread in favor of U.S. 10 year Treasury notes".

IF you look at the charts - U$D, and US-German spread, notice November/early Dec 2009 - That's when the U$D started to spike.

Basically, they are saying the USD spiked because the 10yr has a better yield compared to 10yr.bund.

Anonymous said...

One short idea -Palm.

"New Palm target: Zero"

Anonymous said...

as I thought- both Mich St and Purdue advance-

Wisconsin as well- we'll see how Ohio St fairs- my guess is a win against a #15 seed- but stranger things have happened


Palm is all in- so their survival is questionable- what other rabbit can they pull out of their hat?

Anonymous said... "Tiger's return lifts Masters' adds. If Woods makes it to the final round, viewership on the last day of the event may rise"

In this day and age only money talks. Whatever happened to societal morals, ideals?

Anonymous said...

More stories from Canada - The Golbe and

The Next Commodities King(secretive Swiss trading group(Marc Rich co.) and Xstrata mining merging - shake up th mining world.

Can Canadian perfume help Afghanistan kick the poppy?

Deadly avalanche strikes near Revelstoke(rockies).

I-Man said...

Yall are my folk.

CV said...


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